The Idea

The Suzuki Nine Knights MTB is a unique media event. It brings together some of the world’s best freeride mountain bikers, as well as, photographers and film makers, for a week long super session that offers extraordinary shooting and riding options.

The aim is to document the athletes in a fun, creative and pressure free environment, an ideal setting for progression. Together  creating breathtaking images and footage often at sunrise and sunset, sometimes from the helicopter. The public highlights is the Big Air competition.

Suzuki-Nine-Knights-MTB-2015-Pete-Henke-Special-editPeter Henke photo David Malacrida


  • Riders: 9+ invited world-class athletes freeride mountain biking, plus special guests and qualifiers.
  • Wild Card Qualification: “FOCUS Become a Knight” Online Video Qualifications
  • Winning categories: Overall Champion, Best Style, Best Wip, Contest winners.
  • Other: Action sports photographers compete in a creative photo contest


Suzuki Nine Knights MTB 2014 – Day 5 Freeriding

Andi Wittmann

“As a professional mountainbiker I’ve seen and participated in nearly every existing type of event. That’s why I want to create something new: An event arranged and realized by pro-riders and freeride enthusiasts. Mixing the ideas and experiences I have gained throughout the years led us to this concept focused on the sport, athletes, fans and the media. See you all there! ” – Andi Wittmann-