The Setup

Following their many successes in the years past,  Andi Wittmann and Andi Brewi's Balzamico Trail Design are back at it to develop one of the most innovative courses freeride MTB has ever seen.


This year's course includes a flow line and the main features: two super step-ups, 12 and 18 meters long; and a 7 meter high quarter-pipes with dirt landing, possibly one of the biggest ever built for mountain bikes.


Returning to the line-up as a rider but also course co-designer,  Brit Sam Reynolds is pumped, as “freeride MTB is changing for the better and I'm excited to work with these guys to create an awesome set up with sick jumps at the forefront of the new freeride big air movement! Can’t wait!”


Balzamico Trail Design are creating the opportunity for more air time in the course and the existing terrain is perfect for that: “shaping along a huge avalanche mound is not only more environmentally friendly, its perfect for creating something extraordinary that combines freeride and slopestyle elements with huge obstacles,” explains Andi Wittmann (GER).

The Build:


The digging begins.


We're all about getting the right amount of flow.

Building the foundations for the quarter pipe.

Big Bertha in the making.

The makings of a great quarter pipe.

IMG_7618 The insanity that is the quarterpipe.


That. Is. Huge.


The final product that is Big Bertha.