Qualification for Photographers


What is the “Killer Loop photo contest”?

It is the Nine Knights online photo contest that offers talented action sports photographers the chance to enter the FIAT Nine Knights 2013 photo contest. Get invited to the illustrious round table of four pre-qualified photographers – Stef Cande (Fr), Markus Greber (Ger), Daniel Ronnback (Swe), Alo Belluscio (IT) – for an unforgettable week on the craziest set up ever at Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno, Italy in September 2013.

The winner gets to:

  1. Be the 5th exclusively invited photographer at the Fiat Nine Knights MTB event
  2. Shoot the best riders on this planet on the sickest set up ever built
  3. Be a part of the legendary photo contest and get the chance to win cool prices
  4. Once you are there, all expenses are paid (Hotel, Food, Tickets, Party, etc are paid by KILLER LOOP)
  5. Get a a free KILLER LOOP photographers set up

Want to find out more about KILLER LOOP: Check www.killerloop.com

Who can enter?

The online qualification is open for all action sports photographers – pros and amateurs from all over the world – who think they are up to the task and want to have fun at the castle in autumn 2013. The photo qualification is open for everyone and joining is simple!

What should the pictures look like?

We want to see your two best photos in each category:

  1. Action Shot
  2. Black & White
  3. Lifestyle photo
  4. Creative Angle

These eight pictures should include a minimum of 3 MTB pictures. All other shots can be from any action sport you want.

How do I submit my pictures?

Please send your portfolio – JPG Format, every photo 1000px wide – including the pictures and a short bio of yourself to martl@distillery.cc

IMPORTANT: By participating in the Killer Loop photo contest you automatically accept that Nine Knights might publish them on the Nine Knights and Killer Loop website and through their social media channels – always with photo credit.

Can I see the pictures from the other photographers?

Go to www.nineknightsmtb.com to see all submissions and updates.

Who will judge?

Klaus Polzer, Stef Cande, Andi Wittmann and some more of the top Nine Knights athletes will be the judges of this online photo competition.

When do I have to submit my pictures?

The deadline for submitting the pictures is August 10th 2013. The winner will be announced on August 17th 2013 via email and through a press notice.

Watch the trailer video here one more time that will show you what we like to see. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact martl@distillery.cc. Have fun on the trails, we are looking forward to your application!

Examples of previous winning pictures:

1. Category: Best Action (Shot by Stef Cande)


3. Category: Best Black & White (Shot by Daniel Ronnback)

2. Category: Best Creative Angle (Shot by Daniel Ronnback)

4. Category: Best Lifestyle (Shot by Daniel Ronnback)