Qualification for Athletes

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It is the Nine Knights online video contest that offers the chance for everybody to enter the Suzuki Nine Knights 2014 event. Use this opportunity to get invited to the illustrious round table of knights. Join Yannick Granieri, Kurt Sorge, Martin Söderström, Andi Wittmann and many more!

Who can enter?

The online qualification is for mountainbikers – pros and amateurs from all over the world – who think they are qualified to join the Nine Knights and want to have fun at the castle in summ 2014! The video qualification is open for everyone and the set-up is simple.

What should the video look like?

Step 1: Download the “Wanna be a Knight?” pre-roll here and put it in the beginning of your video.
Step 2: Add some written information in the beginning of your edit including your name, age and nationality.
Step 3: The movie should contain your best mixed-skilled riding. It is an open video qualification, so be creative!

How can I submit my video?

  1. Go to wetransfer.com
  2. Add your video
  3. Enter friend’s email address: martl@distillery.cc
Enter your email address
  5. Type your message (include your contact information!)
  6. Press Transfer! By entering the competition, you automatically agree to the rules and terms of participation.
  7. Once we have uploaded  your contribution on the Nine Knights YouTube channel, you have officially entered the online video competition!

What kind of riding should I show?

The Suzuki Nine Knights is a real freeride MTB event, you need skills in all disciplines! Think about including:

Your best freeride and downhill riding
Your best slopestyle tricks and skills
Your best dirt jump tricks
Your most creative biking

Do I have to edit the movie myself?

The editing is not the important part, it is all about the riding! So, let your friends do the computer work if you want to.

Which music should I use?

You are free to choose your own songs, as long as they are free of rights or you have a legal cooperation with the artist. Otherwise, we will have to replace your choice.

Can I watch the videos from the other riders?

Go to www.nineknightsmtb.com or our YouTube channel to watch all submissions and updates.

Who will judge?

Andi Wittmann, Kurt Sorge, Tim Pritzl and Geoff Gulevich – some of the the top Nine Knights – will be the judges of this online video competition.

Until when do I have to submit my movie?

The deadline for submitting the video is May 30th, 2014. The winner will be announced on beginning of June via email and through a press notice.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact martl@distillery.cc. Have fun on the trails, we are looking forward to your applications!