Day 3: It’s On!

Nicholi Rogatkin

Day 3 was the day when everyone started to master the new features. Big tricks were happening as the boys went crazy on the big “Sendolf” jump by using the “Masters of Dirt” airbag for the first time.

“Masters of Dirt” Airbag

Nicholi Rogatki pulled out his newly mastered 1440 while Emil Johansson was throwing down a few personal firsts, for example, a back flip double tail lip to bar spin. There were even a few world firsts but we won’t reveal those just yet 😉

Emil Johansson

On a sad note, Torquato Testo broke his collarbone attempting a triple backflip on the airbag. Meanwhile, Nico Vink arrived on course, bringing a beautiful rainbow with him. Sam Reynolds and Adolf Silva even tried to go for the Big Bertha line but had to stop due to windy conditions. Conditions in the upcoming days are looking good so we expect to see the riders sending it.

Nico Vink

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