Day 2: It’s Time To Ride

Sam Reynolds

Due to rainy conditions soaking the course over the last few days, a good portion of the morning was spent with shovels in hand; all riders pitched in to help course builder Clemens Kaudela and course designer Sam Reynolds to fix the course. The minute the jumps were ready to be tested, the riders let loose, sending impressive tricks on the Suzuki Trick Jump and the “Sendolf” kicker, a step-up section created with Adolf Silva (ESP) in mind.

Antti Rissanen

Making use of his namesake feature, Adolf sent and stomped a double back flip on only his second hit, announcing some pretty amazing things to come later this week. Meanwhile, Suzuki Nine Knights regular Nico Scholze (GER) stomped a massive backflip heel clicker as Italian rider Torquato Testa nailed a 720 tuck to nohander. Finally, Become a Knight video contest winner Bienvenido Aguado (ESP) landed an absolutely huge 360 superman seat grab on his first attempt, confirming his spot on this edition and maybe several others in the future.

Torquato Testa

If these are the kinds of tricks being thrown in less than ideal conditions, sunny weather will surely bring about some insane new tricks.

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